Since his earliest motocross racing days, John Gable has had a need for speed and a will to win. Even off-road, he has raced against the greatest off-road drivers and former Indy greats Parnelli Jones and Roger Mears. His skill as a driver has attracted the attention of off-road legend Curt LeDuc, whose family is a royal lineage in the sport. John has won numerous races, titles, and competitions, both in off-road motocross and many classes of off-road trucks. He has trained with the best, raced with the best and has an excellent record to show for it. 



1999  Curt LeDuc’s Baja Pre- fun/ Full Size Pick Up

1999  Wally Dallenbach’s Colorado 500 Trail Ride/Motorcycle

1996  Malcom Smith’s 6 Days of Baja/Motorcycle

1995  Richard Petty Racing School/Nascar (certified)

1993  Rusell Racing Series/Open Wheel (certified)

1986  Bondurant Racing Series/Formula Ford (certified)


F I L M & TV

1993  L&M Cigarettes Commercial (European), Motorcycle Stunt

1989  Bad Jim Feature, Co-starring Role

1984  Fall Guy, Precision Desert Driving/Truck


R A C I N G  E X P E R I E N C E


1994  Russell Pro-Mazda series, Laguna Seca, Monterey, CA

1993  USAC Russell Circuit, Laguna Seca


1999  AMA Jackrabbits Hare & Hound 1st place

1998  AMA Vikings Hare & Hound, 1st place

1998  AMA Checkers Check chase Hare & Hound, 2nd place

1998  AMA National Hare & hound, 1st place

1999  AMA Adelanto Desert Vipers Grand Prix, 1st place

2017 Lucas Oil Regional First place Pro Open




Race Schedule 2018 Dates/Location/Regional/National/Desert
Our race schedule is subject to change, please check back with us for updates.


February 16
Regional Championship Awards Lucas Oil Regional
Glen Helen Speedway


February 17 – 18 
Lucas Oil Regional 
Glen Helen Speedway
Rounds 1 and 2


March 17 
Lucas Oil National 
Glen Helen Speedway


April 14 
Lucas Oil National
Chandler, AZ

Lucas Oil Regional 
Glen Helen Speedway

Round 3


May 19 and 20
Lucas Oil National
Estero Beach, NM


JUNE 9 – 10 
Lucas Oil Regional

Rounds 4 and 5
SB Fairgrounds – Victorville, CA


June 23 and 24
Lucas Oil National


July 21
Lucas Oil National
Sparks, NV


August 4 
Lucas Oil Regional

Round 6 – Glen Helen Speedway

August 24 and 25
Lucas Oil National 


September 22
Lucas Oil National
Glen Helen Speedway

October 6 – 7 
Lucas Oil Regional 
Rounds 7 and 8 
SB Fairgrounds, Victorville, CA


October 20 and 21
Lucas Oil National 
Chandler, AZ



2014- NORRA Mexican 1000 - First Place, Vintage Trucks Division

2014 - Pro Am Regionals, Lake Elsinore, First Place

2014 - Pro2 Regionals, Lake Elsinore, 7th Place 

1993  SCORE Ultra Wheels Nevada 400, Ford Class 7, 4th place

1993  HDRA Mint 400, 4th place

1992  SCORE Baja 1000, Ford Ranger, class 7 Unlimited, 2nd place

1991  HDR Jeep Desert Championship, class 8, 4th place

1989  SCORE Great Mojave 250, class 8, 8th place

1989  HDR Binions Nissan mint 400, Class 8, 5th place

1989  SCORE Baja 1000, class 8, 4th place

1989  HDRA Soutars Budweiser Fireworks 250, Class 8, 4th place

1989  HDRA Gold Coast 300, class 8, 13th place

1988  SCORE Baja 1000, Class 8, 6th place

1987  SCORE Parker 400, class 8, 9th place

1987  HDRA Colorado 300, 5th place

1986  SCORE Great Mojave 250, Class 8, 7th place

1986  HDRA Frontier 500, Class 8, 3rd place

1985  SCORE Parker 400, Class 8, 8th place

1985  SCORE Great Mojave 250, Class 8, 7th place

1985  HDRA Mint 400, Class 8, 3th place

1985  SCORE Baja 1000, Class 8, 6th place

1985  HDRA Frontier 250, class 8, 5th place

1984  SCORE Baja 1000. Class 8, 3th place



Two decades of training, winning and off-road competitions. 

John Gable Lucas Oil Regional Pro Open Champion "2017"

"The reason why I love to engage in off-road racing is it forces me into the NOW - that intense alive state that is free of time."

--- John Clark Gable

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