When it is just you and the dust

Even I sometimes wonder why I race in the desert. With my famous father, how could I spend most of my time and use my resources to race off-road trucks. But then when you're out there, you feel the dust, see the beauty, then you know why you're there.

Once you are one with nature, and experience the solace amongst the chaos of off road racing, I know why it is hard to understand.

When it is just you and the dust, however, for me it is a tremendous feeling. Off road racing has become a big sport and will become an even bigger sport in the future. In my opinion, t requires so much more skill to race off-road than some other forms of racing, even though at very high speeds, all forms of racing takes a certain breed of driver and a high degree of skill.

For many reasons, off-road racing for me is indicative of how I leave the bright lights of Hollywood in the dust. Not to say I won't re-engage at some point, but for me, the thrill of my life is succeeding in a sport that many, only now, are beginning to truly appreciate for what it is: a tremendous challenge of racing set among the beauty of nature as someone only in the driver's seat for so many years can truly understand.

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"The reason why I love to engage in off-road racing is it forces me into the NOW - that intense alive state that is free of time."

--- John Clark Gable

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