Winning the NORRA Rally Again

After four long days in the desert, my co-pilot Kurt Leduc and I were quite relieved to know that we were getting close to the finish line in Cabos, Mexico. Even on the beach in Cabos, it is extremely hot so one can just imagine how hot it gets in the middle of the desert.

If you've never raced 1000 miles across a wide open desert, you haven't lived. Well, at least for me, it is one of the exciting, beautiful and stimulating things you can do. Even though there is an element of danger in the racing, the thrill of moving across the dusty plain at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour produces a feeling that is simply not possible anywhere else.

I've run these long races many times before. Yet, every time I race them it makes me appreciate how beautiful is the Mexican coast. The small dirt roads seeming fade into oblivion as we cross a mountain, while the massive Pacific Ocean pops into the view with a long view of the coast that is more magnificient than any painter could ever paint.

It is an exciting experience so I've put a portion of the ride up on the internet so you can ride along.

Of course, we're focused on racing and getting to Cabos flat out as fast as we can. We had some minor malfunctions near the end, and some quick work under the truck by Curt and myself saved our victory in the vintage open truck division. Had we not had the mechanical malfunction, there was a great chance we could have won the overall championship, since we finished in the top ten and still very close to the best time of the four-day race.


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"The reason why I love to engage in off-road racing is it forces me into the NOW - that intense alive state that is free of time."

--- John Clark Gable

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